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Sem-Tec, Inc. is New England based supplier servicing the Ball Valve Industry.

Hollow Balls / Cavity Wall Balls

Sem-Tec Hollow Ball concept was conceived in 1968. Sem-Tec holds United States Patents: #3518742 awarded July 1970, #3603560 awarded September 1971. Since the Hollow Ball concept was first introduced at Sem-Tec the progress and technical improvements made at Sem-Tec have brought a product to the Ball Valve Industry that is the ultimate in quality, reliability, and cost.

Sem-Tec Hollow Balls are now being manufactured and used by companies internationally. Many companies have gone to extensive testing to prove "in line" performance. They found Sem-Tec Hollow Balls to be as effective as the solid wall type for the services required. We manufacture in sizes ranging from 1 1/2" thru 8" in carbon steel and stainless steel.


  • Cost savings up to 45% vs. the standard ball configuration.
  • Light weight - up to 50% lighter than a solid wall type ball.
  • 100% yield of raw material (no porosity).
  • Saves in shipping weight.

Hollow Balls / Cavity Wall Balls-Sem-Tec

Illustrated are examples of the Hollow Balls that Sem-Tec is supplies to the Ball Valve Industry. They are lightweight durable, and industry tested. Begin evaluating your requirements now. We look forward to servicing you.